Distress Assets And Turnaround



Due to various inter and intra firm reasons, an otherwise sound company may turn into a troubled Entity/Assets. These entities/assets are typically termed as "Distressed Assets". Entactment of Securitizations Act, in India, has created lot of opportunities for Investors, Investees and the Professionals.Distressed assets can be turnaround with proper management and infusion of funds, if required. Such Entities may result into exceptional investments with a potential to provide a high yeild to investors.


In the current scenario, Indian market has been able to generate a keen interest for the investors from all over the globe. In recent years, a lot of specialized funds has become active in India. AEGIS provides a range of diversified value added services to the investment sponsors, PE funds and the Investee.


Services to Distressed Entities:


  • Financial Planning and Restructuring
  • Identifiying key areas of concern for the investee
  • Advising in development of business plan
  • To raise funds in the form of equity/debt from the prospective investors
  • Undertaking initial due diligence
  • Initiating the discussions and negotiations with the investors
  • Advising on structuring the overall transaction
  • Advising the company during the negotiations
  • Assistance in documentations
  • Overseeing the entire transaction and related matters till completeion of the transaction



Services for the Investors:


  • Analyzing investment opportunities
  • Identification of the distressed entities
  • Due Diligence
  • Valuations and market analysis
  • Deal structuring
  • Negotiations and representations
  • Transaction execution & documentation
  • Post investment monitoring and advisory